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2013年 08月 24日

New Radiation Areas Found at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

New Radiation Areas Found at Fukushima Nuclear Plant(DEMOCRACY NOW! August 22 2013)

The operator of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says new areas of high radiation near storage tanks holding contaminated water have been discovered. The announcement raises fears of new leaks two days after the plant disclosed 300 tons of contaminated water have leaked from a storage tank into the ground, reportedly the worst such leak to date. That leak prompted the plant to raise its severity level from one to three. Crews of workers are now rushing to check for leaks in hundreds of other tanks holding radioactive water. Speaking to the BBC, Mycle Schneider, a nuclear expert who authors the World Nuclear Industry status reports, said he believes the Fukushima leaks are "much worse than we have been led to believe."

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