No nukes! Niigata!
2011年 11月 22日

12.11 No nukes rally in Niigata city

According to the previous info, no nukes rally will be held from 13:00 of Sunday, December 11th, in Niigata city.

Interested? Feeling nukes are NOT needed? Join this peaceful no nukes rally then! And it would be even greater if you could bring some of your friends to the parade!
It is NOW when we have to/need to declaim against nuclear-related absolutely crazy establishment!
Nonsense over nuclear plant is enough! Enough is enough!

The gathering place will be Ishimiya-Koen Park, which is only 1 minute walk from Bandai Exit of JR Niigata Station.

d0235522_21173635.jpgI will put further info if available. Come visit this blog from time to time for no nukes action schedule in Nigata pref.

Action info/opinions/others are always welcome. Send us email to nonukesniigata(a) *change (a) to @

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